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Pumpkin Path

Could you outsmart a hungry fox!


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Help Pi stay off the lunch menu!

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Features of Pumpkin Path!

Pumpkin Path a simple to play, yet challenging, turn
based 3D strategy game for android mobiles

Simple to play

Pumpkin Path a 3D strategy puzzle game, designed to improve memory and problem solving skills. Increase your mental agility. Guide your character, a quirky blue bird called "Pi" around a series of interconnected paths. Snatch any large pumpkins you pass, but watch out for "Fawkes" a cunning fox who's out to catch you. Sounds simple hey?... collect at least one large pumpkin, outsmart Fawkes and do it all before the dinner bell rings. The Pumpkin Path rules explain it all in a little more detail. Or watch the demo video.

Challenge friends

Challenge your friends. Login to Pumpkin Path with your Facebook login and the invite a few friends. As you and your friends progress through the levels and rack up high scores you can view each players high score on the in-game Facebook leader board. If you choose not to play socially then thats fine too. Your progress is shown on the main menu and level progress is shown in more detail on the levels menu screen.

Lasting appeal

Pumpkin Path has 60 levels and complexity increases with each level. Game difficultly we consider to be moderate on "Bird Brain" setting, but if you feel that's too easy, try it on "Almost Human" or "Brain Box". After completing each level there is the option to replay it. Replay a level and win using a new route and your score is multiplied by the number of times you have won, huge scores can then be built. Challenge your Facebook friends and compare your leaderboard positions.

Screens from Pumpkin Path!

Watch a demo of Pumpkin Path!


About Pumpkin Path!

Pumpkin Path a simple to play, yet challenging, turn
based 3D strategy game for android mobiles

Who is behind PP

Pumpkin Path is a creation by Symbue Creative Ltd. A small graphic design company in the UK. The characters “Pi” and “Fawkes” are original creations developed by Symbue.

The company has also worked on several interactive learning products for children and adults. Good design, usability and playability are areas Symbue has spent a lot of energy on during the creation of Pumpkin Path.


Pumpkin Path was created using the award winning games engine Unity 3D. In addition to developing the game logic and interactive design using c# many software packages were utilised. Maya, used for animation and game asset creation. Zbrush, for character sculpting and asset creation. Topogun, for retopologizing character meshes and baking textures. Adobe Photoshop, for texture creation and GUI graphics. AVS audio editor, for refining and editing sound effects and music.

What's next

We hope you like Pumpkin Path (PP). We all enjoyed creating it. If you have any feedback or suggestions for the next version contact us using the form below.


Contact Us!

Pumpkin Path team contact

  • Response to contact information is 24hrs during business hours(GMT)
  • Monday - Friday: 09:00 - 18:00