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How to play Pumpkin Path

You take the role of "Pi" a blue bird who has an insatiable appetite for pumpkins.

Fawkes the local pumpkin farmer has made an elaborate plan to try and catch you in the act

Both players navigate around a series of interconnecting pathways, each path path ends with a large hexagonal stone. Each player moves in-turn by tapping on destination (Hexagonal stone). The position you wish Pi to run to must me in a straight line ie. no turns. For example either North, South, East, or West etc. For more clarity you can not run forwards and then turn left or right and then run down another pathway. The paths you run down must connected without any gaps.

Pi's end destination can't be connected to a hexagonal stone that Fawkes is occupying. If a gap is between Pi and Fawkes then the move is allowed. Visual feedback and instruction is given throughout the game reinforcing these simple rules.

After each player makes their move the first section of path they just ran over is removed. As the game progresses the moves available is reduced. Eventually Pi or Fawkes will find they cannot make a move.

For Pi to win a level, you must collect a large pumpkin and isolate Fawkes so that he has no valid moves left. Do all this before the dinner bell rings and Fawkes will miss his lunch!

On the game screen there are several icons you may find helpful. One changes the view to more of an aerial view, another unfolds a map which shows the current state of the paths, an arrow points in the direction Pi is currently facing. On the map you will also see the positions of large pumpkins and of course the position of your opponent Fawkes.

If you find yourself stuck and not sure where a valid move is try activating the hints icon. All valid moves will be identified by large spinning arrows which drop down from the sky.